Emma Hayes hails the diversity in her Chelsea Women squad

The Chelsea squad is looking as competitive as ever being jam-packed with world-class talent and while the team spirit is gleaming following our positive start to the new campaign, Hayes has admitted the difficulty she has in keeping all members of her squad happy but has highlighted the key in achieving success is through a squad effort.

‘I don’t keep everyone happy, I’ve said it before and I mean it,’ Hayes admitted. ‘I’ve never ever felt there’s been a happy bench and when teams are put together a day before a game, you always have unhappy players but my job is to win, that’s what my job is, not to make everybody happy.

‘But one thing I will say is that talent wins games, teams win championships. I have the experience of knowing that, they have the experience of knowing that and it’s my job to point them to that on a regular basis because if it becomes about an individual at any point, then you compromise winning the biggest prizes.

‘They are recruited to this club because of the people and the characters they are. Part of that foundation is that they understand the ethic involved in winning and they understand that without each other talent doesn’t matter,’ she continued.


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