Emma Hayes: An unbelievable team performance

Although the Chelsea boss was delighted with the whole team performance, she commented on the character of Australian forward Kerr, who netted her third goal in four league matches yesterday, while touching on Bethany England’s return to full fitness.

‘She [Sam Kerr] is a tough character, I felt today that it was the right decision to play her from the off. The pressures for her to score goals are there and I know the team are really happy for Sam.

‘As I’ve said before, Beth [England] is getting back to her best levels and her achilles injury, which kept her out for a few months, can be attributed to her taking time to get back to the level she was at last year. But she needs to keep pushing like she is in training to reach those standards again.’

‘I have no doubts about Beth England’s qualities; this team needs Beth England. I felt when she came in today, alongside Fran, that telepathy, that understanding shows we’ve got different dimensions to us, and it’s not all about one player, it’s about the whole group. As I said, it was an unbelievable team performance.’

Hayes also took the time to praise the impact that Kirby has made so far this season and highlighted the qualities of German midfielder Melanie Leupolz.

‘I’ve said before that Fran [Kirby] deserves all the credit. She’s put all the hard work in, she’s got a club that loves her and will do the best we can by her, but Fran is without question the most talented attacking player in the England squad in my opinion.


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