Lampard provides update on early team news; three doubtful for Newcastle trip

Lampard expanded on Pulisic’s condition…

‘We’re still searching. He’s had a problematic injury and he had a history before coming to us of some muscular injuries. Everything about how he prepares is perfect so we need to find the right balance between playing, resting and maintenance during the week to get the best out of him. He’s a young player still, it’s not abnormal and we will find a solution.’

The boss was impressed with Mount’s performances for England despite the midfielder’s heavy workload…

‘I’m impressed with his development and I think it shows how much Gareth [Southgate] and Steve [Holland] rely on him and trust in him. I have done throughout my time in management so it’s nice to see a lot of positivity around Mason because it’s well-deserved. 

‘He was the only player in the England squad of all the players that are involved in Europe that played all three games but I understand Gareth’s position. The good thing about Mason is he has a great attitude, he’s a fit young man and I hope he comes through fresh because at the minute he’s in great form.’

Lampard reiterated his belief that the five subs rule should return in the Premier League…

‘I think it’s something we have to address again with all clubs. I know we had a vote earlier in the season but nothing has changed in terms of our professional environment since we had five subs after the restart. In fact, some things have tightened up and the schedule has become even more hectic but we’ve gone back to three subs.

‘The reason maybe managers are not making those three subs so much in games, if people want to argue that, is because if you have 10 players who you’re fearful of tiredness in the latter stages of games, to make that third sub in the 70th minute is a danger zone that you might have an injury after that. My main concern is player welfare, particularly for those playing in Europe. It’s every three or four days week after week after week.’

Following suggestions fans could return to grounds before Christmas, the boss was hopeful…

‘I am optimistic. It has to be safe first and foremost but when you see other areas of life where we are having gatherings that are controlled in safe environments then we have to look at football and try to get it back as quickly as we can.’


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