Anjorin reveals how Lampard told him he was starting and reflects on feeling ‘the fittest I’ve ever been’

While initially suspecting he may be a substitute, Anjorin revealed how he was informed of his imminent start in training the day before the game. Even though he has not played much on the left during his rise through the Academy, he was pleased with his adaptation to the responsibilities of the role.

‘I got called in for training so I had some suspicions but at first I thought I’d be on the bench,’ he explained. ‘When we put the team out in training, he [Lampard] said “Tino, left wing” and that’s when I was like “am I starting?” After that, Frank came up to me and asked if I was excited for my debut!

‘It was different and it took me a while to get used to the position,’ he said of playing wide on the left. ‘I thought on the ball I did well and off the ball I could have been a bit better but obviously that’s just me having not played there very often. It’s a performance I can definitely improve on.’


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