Kirby proud to be all-time leading goalscorer

Kirby netted her second of the game when she supplied a clinical finish just after the half-hour mark to give the Blues a commanding 3-0 lead.

That goal took her to 70 goals for the club and the 27-year-old reflected on the special moments that stand out on her journey to becoming our all-time leading goalscorer.

‘I have quite a few favourite goals,’ reflected Kirby. ‘My first-ever one was always going to be up there as one of my favourites. Making my debut and coming on and getting a goal, that was really special.

‘I scored a good one against Liverpool at Staines. I chopped it a few times and managed to find the corner so that one always sticks out for me because you are always able to remember those goals when you are able to do a little bit of skill.

‘The one away to Bayern Munich, I will never forget that goal. I think we was defending for 90 minutes of that game so to be able to get that goal was really special.’


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