Lampard reports positive Pulisic update and considers team’s reaction

Lampard commented on speculation London is going into tier three and so fans won’t be allowed at the Bridge

‘Even though we are in tier two and we had fans for a game or two, I did feel it should be a level-playing field for fans. We have seen and felt the backing they give you and what it does to the game. 

‘I also think, and I’m not telling the Government what to do, we can really control 2,000 fans coming into a stadium. It’s unfortunate to say the least. 

‘We are making up as we go along and that’s not to be critical, it’s just a fact. We have never been in this situation before. Clubs are showing they can control it and I would like to think there could be something done to get that 2,000 number in, but that goes above my station.’

Lampard also spoke about Gerard Houllier following the sad news of his death 

‘I came across him on and off the pitch. He was always an absolute gentleman whenever I met him. Reading some quotes from people who knew him much better than me, that seems to be the resounding feeling. 

‘He was a great football person, very successful in his managerial career, a great person, and our thoughts and respect go to his family from myself and everyone at Chelsea Football Club.’


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