Spence reaches 200

Year after year, new players have arrived at the club, but despite the increase in competition for places, Spence has remained an ever-present in the Chelsea team during the last 11 years.

The midfielder put that down to the resilience she has built within herself to enable her to take her game to another level each season to compete with the new and stronger competition within the Blues squad.

‘I think my high level of competitiveness is a big reason why I’m still in and around the mix,’ Spence explained.

‘If I didn’t have that I don’t think I would have lasted, but it’s driven me on and made me improve.

‘I think it’s hard for me because I don’t play international level and we have a lot of international players that come in every year so I have to always fight to be able to play.

‘I have to make sure that I’m still noticed so every year I’ve had to believe in myself and push myself even more otherwise I wouldn’t have come this far.

‘I’ve had to compete with everyone that has come in, I’ve always had some kind of competition whether that be Katie Chapman, Ji, Kaz Carney and now we have Melanie [Leupolz] and Pernille [Harder] so I’ve had to raise my level.’


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