Lampard on transfers and facing Man City

‘I’m confident in us as a team because I know when we play as well as we can, particularly at Stamford Bridge, we have an opportunity to beat anybody. So I’m confident in us, but I know we need to be at our best to win because of the level of opposition. They’re a very strong outfit, very well managed, they don’t concede many, they have lots of threats in attacking areas. So we’ll have to focus on ourselves and be at our best.’

The game against Manchester City also presents an opportunity to make a positive start to 2021 by winning our first game of the year, and Lampard says it will be an important match with the two teams currently level on points in the table and his side looking to return to top form.

‘It’s a game we want to win against a very good opposition. They’re always going to be there or there abouts so to be up there with them, even with our recent run of form in the last few games, is a plus and an opportunity to win a game against a competitor.

‘It’s important because we come off the back of a few games where we’ve not been at our best and we’ve dropped a few points. Fortunately we had a long unbeaten run before that so the league table doesn’t look too bad, we’re very close to the top four positions. It’s important for us mentally, because we need to start winning games regularly.’


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