Lampard on players hugging: ‘We will do our best to control emotions’

‘Some people are being asked to work from home, and footballers aren’t,’ added Lampard. 

‘They are putting themselves in an environment where they are potentially in danger but also their family who they go home to, a pregnant wife, a grandparent, a parent, a brother, a sister. We have to understand footballers are human as well. 

‘To control the emotions is a fair ask but to dictate emotions on the pitch will be difficult. I hope players can control it, but this beautiful game we all love does bring out emotions.’

Lampard underlined what happens at Cobham is a different matter. 

‘We practise social distancing as much as we can in the training ground,’ he said. 

‘On the pitch it can be difficult at times, clearly, because you have to train and get close to each other, but in training the instinct of the moment shouldn’t grab you as much as it would do in a game when you’re scoring in the Premier League. 

‘So it’s definitely something I’ll pass on to the players because you see a lot of these group hugs when they win a five-a-side and that will be something we look at.’ 


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