Tuchel: Targeting prestigious FA Cup

‘It was not a surprise, but in the end when you feel it and you experience it on the sideline every three days it’s different, because suddenly you experience what you expect and it is big intensity. It is a big intensity also in coaching and in the dugout next to me, a big physical input, very disciplined defending, very disciplined teams in their structure and in their belief in their approaches.

‘Also a lot of confidence in the approach that the teams show against the big teams. Everybody is trying to fight hard for a win, nobody’s settling for a good draw or maybe a close defeat. This is what football is all about and this is what we love about this game, and you find it all in this league, and this is why we are very excited, very happy, and it hopefully brings out the best in us.’

Tuchel’s team is undefeated and has conceded just one goal in his four matches with Chelsea so far, having followed up the draw with Wolverhampton Wanderers that opened his tenure with three wins in a row.

However, the German insists the credit must go instead to his players, who have impressed him with both their ability and their mentality, for the way they work on the pitch and have remained focused on winning matches, with his tactical changes merely looking to give their talent more opportunity to shine.


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