Rudiger: It’s important to give something back

‘A couple of months ago, I also provided food for the guys there and at other hospitals around Germany when the second wave came.

‘Also, in Sierra Leone, we provided face masks because, the way things were going in Europe at that time, I was very afraid when it comes down to Africa, so I did my best to help.’

It’s not just the health workers in hospitals and elsewhere on the front lines that Rudiger is grateful to, as he also acknowledges how hard it has been for the authorities and officials to keep football going during the pandemic, even if he admits it is not the same sport without supporters in the stadiums.

‘With all the coronavirus, football has changed for everyone. It is weird because at the end of the day we are doing our job, but it’s like Sunday league. Football is fans and you want them to cheer you and keep you going and you want the other fans to whistle against you. This is the type of stuff you miss.

‘But the FA have done well to keep football going and you have to say thanks to the politicians and the workers who are fighting hard against the virus.’


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