Under-18s report: Leicester 2 Chelsea 2

What’s next?

Up next for the boys is a trip to Southampton. Kick-off next week Saturday is 11am.

Chelsea (3-4-2-1) Prince Adgoke; Josh Brooking, Charlie Wiggett, Luke Badley-Morgan; Derrick Abu, Charlie Webster (Jimi Tauriainen 27), Bashir Humphreys (c), Alex Kpakpe (Alfie Gilchrist 46); Silko Thomas, Edwin Andersson (Myles Peart-Harris 56); Joe Haigh
Unused subs Ted Curd, Aleksi Heino
Booked Tauriainen 51; Haigh 55; Brooking 77
Scorers Haigh 68; Peart-Harris 90+1

Leicester Kelechi Cubueze, Johnly Levi Yfeko, Daniel Obi, Azeem Abdullah, Brandon Cover, Sammy Braybroke, Twanda Maswanhise, Wanya Marcal-Madivadua, Terell Pennant (Jack Butterfill 84), Joe Wormleighton, Kian Pennant
Unused subs Arlo Dohert, Jasper Kutshitnza, Freddie Cooke, Kartell Dawkins
Booked Jethro Maswanhise 52; Braybroke 64; Daniel Obi 87
Scorers Cover 27 (pen); T Pennant 73


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