PL2 Report: Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

What’s next?

Up next for Myers’ men is a trip to Tottenham. Kick-off on Sunday is 12:30pm and the game is live on our platforms.

Chelsea Ethan Wady; Dujon Sterling, Dynel Simeu (c), Sam McClelland; Declan Frith (Xavier Mbuyamba 66), George McEachran Thierno Ballo (Bryan Fiabema 77), Silko Thomas (Alfie Gilchrist 86); Tino Anjorin, Marcel Lewis, George Nunn
Unused subs Karlo Ziger, Luke Badley-Morgan
Booked Frith 64
Scorer Anjorin 60, Thomas 68; Mbuyamba 70

Southampton Jack Bycroft, Zuriel Otseh-Taiwo, James Morris (Kam Ledwidge 71), Allan Tchaptchel, Kayne Ramsey, Ethan Barnett, Sam Bellis, Ryan Finnigan (Dare Olufunwa 67), Dan Nlundulu (Jayden Smith 71), Ramello Mitchell, Kazeem Olaigne
Unused subs Ollie Wright, Seamus Keogh
Booked Ramsey 31
Sent off Ramsey 50
Scorer Olaigne 51

Referee Matthew Russell


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