Giles Smith: Have you noticed Chelsea reach a final when…?

Trebles? Well, yes, acquiring three of the available four trophies in the space of a single season is certainly impressive, but, without wishing to quibble, it also starts to look a bit greedy. Nice, in other words, and even acceptable – but not strictly necessary.

Grabbing hold of all four, though? Quite simply, no. We certainly can’t have people starting to win quadruples. It’s never been done, and we have to hope that this continues to be the case. It would make a mockery of everyone else, and indeed of English football, causing it to look locked-up and uncompetitive to an extent which is virtually Scottish, or even American, and which, as we have learned, plenty don’t really want.

So, congratulations of the broadest kind to Hakim Ziyech for the goal – a strike not just for us but for the football culture in general, and which, incidentally, also had strong shades of his one against Atletico Madrid in the quarter-final of the Champions League.

And on that subject, let’s note that Timo Werner, who is widely accused of having had a disappointing start with us, has now been directly involved in 19 of our goals this season – ten of his own and nine assists. Assisting rather than shooting when under extreme pressure to score seems to me the mark of a player with not just a steady nerve but an admirably firm view of the bigger picture. He doesn’t receive much credit for it elsewhere, but he always will here.


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