Women’s Match Report: Bayern Munich 2 Chelsea 1

Bayern Munich (4-3-3) Benkarth; Simon, Llestedt, Hegering, Glas; Buhl (Schuller 62), Laudehr (Wenninger 77), Zadrazil; Beerensteyn (Dallmann 77), Magull (Sorensen 90), Lohmann
Unused subs Grohs, Lehmann, Donhauser, Boye, Corley, Asseyi, Vilhjalmsdottir, Pollak
Scorers Lohmann 12 Glas 56
Booked Zadrazil 22

Chelsea (4-3-3) Berger; Carter, Bright (C), Ingle, Andersson; Reiten (Charles 65), Leupolz, Ji; Kirby, Harder (England 70); Kerr
Unused subs Musovic, Telford, Blundell, Fleming, Cuthbert, Spence, Fox, Beever-Jones
Scorers Leupolz 23
Booked Harder 33

Referee Sara Persson


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