Tuchel: Countdown is on for the biggest match

Tuchel reported that the players had used their downtime to relax and reconnect with their passion for football ahead of a game in which lifelong dreams can be fulfilled.

‘Today was a very relaxed day,’ he continued. ‘We had the possibility to enjoy some quality time in the beautiful hotel with beautiful weather, to relax and to breathe a bit.

‘It was a time to connect with our core, our love and passion for the game, that we all share as little kids. The tension is building very naturally and of course if you can wish for something, we don’t want to arrive in the final over-excited or under-excited, or to play cool when you are not cool.

‘The best thing is to admit your feelings when you’re nervous. You’re not the only guy, maybe the coach is as well, and you can use it to be on your best level. Pressure is sometimes a huge boost and sometimes it’s a big back pack to carry so just admit it.

‘Some words maybe will help but in general let’s be who we are because we are a strong group. We have genuine trust and genuine belief in what we do and what we are capable of, as long as we do things together. We will absolutely be together – everybody will be here as a strong Chelsea group to do the last step and win this cup.’

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