Joe Cole: The players will feel the buzz

‘It was from a personal experience and I told Mason [not to look at the trophy] just to try and minimise things before the game. The only time in 2008 that it felt like a Champions League final to me was when we saw the trophy.

‘When I saw the trophy, it just threw me off kilter a little bit. I didn’t have a particularly good game in the final myself, me and Patrice Evra just cancelled each other out, but I did just feel that my routine had been interrupted ever so slightly.

‘What I said to Mason was just to play the game and not the occasion, focus as you normally would do and just enjoy. I was 28 when I played in the final, which was my first and last. Mason is a young lad with his career ahead of him and hopefully this will be the first of many Champions League finals he plays in with Chelsea.’

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