Player of the Year exclusive interview: Mason Mount – part one

Family means a lot to Mount and he has an extended one at Cobham, having grown up at our Surrey training base since the age of six. He looks back fondly on Tuesday evening sessions working through repetition on the basic techniques that now serve him so well on the biggest of stages and on the carefree fun of just playing football with friends.

Some of his contemporaries, both players and staff, have stepped up through the programme with him. Tammy Abraham and Reece James are long-time team-mates, while coach Joe Edwards has worked closely with the midfielder for over a decade. Others may not have worked with him for as long but had no less of an impact.

‘Without the Academy, I wouldn’t be sitting here now so for me to win this Player of the Year award, I give it to them,’ he says. ‘It’s down to them that I’ve got here. It’s been a crazy journey and they’ve lived with me through it.

‘I owe a lot to them, to the coaches that I’ve worked under. I can’t name them all but they know who they are. At every single age group that I’ve been through, including two years on the loan programme, the coaches have given me something and added to my game.

‘All the staff have helped make me the player and person I am now, especially Neil Bath and Jim Fraser [head and assistant of youth development]. They’ve played a massive, massive part in my career, to start me off and give me the faith from a young age to keep performing and keep getting better, every single year. It’s been a crazy journey and hopefully long may it continue.’

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