Chelsea Foundation recruiting sessional coaches

During her 10 years, there have been a host of opportunities for Lucy, and she pointed out the support and pathways to further development is another reason why she has spent a decade at the Chelsea Foundation.

She added: ‘Throughout my time at the Foundation, training and development has definitely increased lately.

‘I have been part of many useful training sessions held at the training ground, which provide a great insight into the Foundation and expectations from the coaches, as well as pathways to further development.

‘My own route has changed from sessional coach working in nurseries and evening sessions at development centres, to a girl’s and women’s project, Girls’ Centre of Excellence, to a PE coordinator based in a school, so I have been lucky enough to experience a variety of roles and along with that lots of training too.’

Lucy’s journey has been filled with plenty of experiences and development which has helped her grow both as a coach and a person, and with coaching positions now available within the Chelsea Foundation, there comes an opportunity for another journey to start today.

For more information on how you can start your journey as a sessional coach, click here.

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