Under-18s report: Norwich City 1 Chelsea 3

Chelsea (4-2-3-1): Teddy Curd; Richard Olise, Josh Tobin, Brodi Hughes, Somto Boniface; Lewis Hall, Samuel Rak-Sakyi (Billy Gee 86); Zain Silcott-Duberry (Edwin Andersson 65), Leo Castledine, Ronnie Stutter; Malik Mothersille (Louis Flower 76)

Unused Subs: Max Merrick, Michael Golding

Scorers: Mothersille 18, Stutter 55, 90+1

Booked: Flower 89


Norwich (4-4-2): Jayden St Paul; Solomon Alidor-Hamilton (Ayyuba Jambang 51), Brad Hills, Lewis Shipley, Ola Okeowo; Oscar Thorn, Osman Foyo, Harry Brooke, Michael Reindorf; Joe Duffy (Kenneth Aboh 62), Kenny Coker

Unused sub: Reece Trueman

Scorer: Foyo 37

Booked: Duffy 28, Hills 75, Brooke 81


Referee: Cameron Saunders

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