Tuchel: We want to prove that we deserve to be the favourites

‘Brentford will be up for it,’ added the German. ‘They play with a lot of enthusiasm and they catch already momentum and all the enthusiasm from getting promoted after so many years when they tried hard. And finally Chelsea comes, and not for a cup game, not for a friendly game, Chelsea arrives for a game in the Premier League and they have so many points on their side, they have such good results and they are doing a fantastic job and the atmosphere will be like this.

‘They will play with a lot of courage, they will play with a lot of confidence, but we cannot be surprised. We know all this and now it’s on us to adapt and to accept the situation like it is. They will not gift us a single inch on the field and we have to be ready mentally, physically and tactically. This is not a match now about knowing the solutions or out-skilling your opponent, this is also a match where we have to match the mentality and the attitude.

‘This is exactly what we did against Southampton. We accepted the role that the other team is maybe the underdog and we were the favourites, but it did not stop us. We played a very intense game and a very nice game of football against Southampton and we try to do the same thing tomorrow.’

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