Wing-backs aren’t defenders declares Tuchel

After Reece James’ impressive double at Newcastle on Saturday, 13 of Chelsea’s goals this season have been scored by what are generally classed as defenders, including wing-backs.

‘I think this statistic will look a bit different if you interpret the wing-backs more as midfielders because if you play in a back three it is not really a full-back position, more of a midfield position,’ said the Bavarian.

‘I would not call them defenders but they have to defend in some moments like defenders, but they are more free to attack the opponents’ box than they are in the role as a full-back.

‘So it is necessary that they are included and we bring them to the box at the end of our attacks and increase the goal threat. I am happy when we create chances, and I’m happy when we have five or six players in the box to be dangerous.

‘In this system we play, it’s true that the wing-backs are there and have the freedom to be dangerous.’

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