James focused on long-term goals

James admitted it’s been tough to come into a new team and to be, at times, training on her own, but the No.19 is thankful for the support of her team-mates and the Blues backroom staff who have helped her throughout the rehab process.

She added: ‘When I look back, I think how did I do it because when you do it over and over again, it’s draining to do rehab every day. You are thinking about when you are going to be back on the pitch, but I’ve been lucky with this rehab.

‘It’s not nice to have someone else injured but I’m lucky to have had Maren [Mjelde] with me so we’ve had each other to help us both through it, to push each other through it and we’ve come away with a good friendship.

‘All the staff have supported me, especially the medical team and the players around me have helped. Being injured is quite a dark and lonely place, you feel isolated because you aren’t with the team. When the team go away, you are at home, but everyone has been great.

‘They’ve been so positive, and they are always there if I need them. They have been there with all the positivity on those dark days. For example, against Manchester City when I travelled with them, it was nice for the little comments from them saying they are so happy to have me back around the team again. It makes you feel good.’

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