Blues legends past and present recall Champions League triumphs at Annual Lunch

‘I think after that when Edou caught the ball and the referee blew the whistle, there were a lot of emotions going on. I can’t describe it but it was a very special feeling.

‘I don’t think anybody expected us to win it, but we believed, we fought really hard, we worked hard, and of course that night will be forever in my mind. Every time I see videos, photos, I still have this feeling, but you cannot live in the past. That is something that is done and of course we will fight to get the third one.’

Tuchel, who started by apologising for being underdressed in his club tracksuit and not being able to stay to join the fans for the rest of the party due to tomorrow’s match, had plenty of kind words to say about his skipper, saying he knew things would go well at Chelsea as soon as he met the Spaniard.

‘I had in January the talks with Marina, with Petr, which was nice. People picked me up from the airport, everything was organised, from end to end a nice club,’ he explained. ‘When I sat down in my new office, one of the first people to come in was Azpi.

‘He knocked at the door with a big smile and was a very open and humble character. Then you get a very warm feeling as a coach, that everything will be absolutely okay if this guy is the captain.’

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