Petr Cech column: Extra socks, shutting the roof and incredible support

Later in the day, for the men’s game, the roof at the stadium was closed and there was heating inside. It was about 15 degrees, compared to minus 15 at the Youth League game! It was quite pleasant to watch yesterday’s game without winter coats and hats, but at the Youth League game, you would not survive without them.

Eastern Europe vs Newcastle

It’s a matter of perspective, as well. Sometimes in England you don’t have minus temperatures, but it can be around one degree, raining and with a cold wind, and that can feel 10 times worse when it’s minus 10 on a nice sunny day. I can tell you if you go to Newcastle in December, it’s one degree with a cold wind and it starts drizzling, it is much worse than running in Czech Republic in minus 20.

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