Tuchel outlines what needs to change to earn three points from ‘unique’ Leeds challenge

‘It’s happening and I think it’s still a matter of details, it’s still a matter of small things and not to worry about the big picture. There are reasons for it. In the end we are not happy, the performances are not horrible, the performances are not bad. They are in some moments average and average looks kind of horrible when you play or work for Chelsea.

‘This can happen and it’s good that it feels like this, because we try to compete on the highest level, so we should not be surprised. I have the feeling that we dropped from good performances into normal, average performances when we lead. This is very unusual for us and this should not become common. We learn now hopefully twice from experience and have the chance to prove it tomorrow.’

The thing which seemed to upset Tuchel the most about those performances was that we gave up the lead by dropping our intensity after going ahead, as he is determined for his side to continue pressing our advantage regardless of the scoreline, preferring to take risks by looking to extend our lead rather than becoming too comfortable.

‘In general, even on the sideline, I had the feeling that we changed a bit in feeling maybe a bit too safe, feeling that it’s enough to play okay, to invest on an okay level, like on a 90 per cent level, and to still escape with the maximum outcome.

‘In general in life it’s about input with not knowing the outcome, this is what makes life interesting. This is where I think we came from and where we were so good, to invest everything and not being sure what the outcome is and we have to go back there. So to be ready to invest in the details, together as a group and as a whole team, and invest more.

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