FA Youth Cup report: Chelsea 4 Leyton Orient 1

We managed the game well as it ended 4-1, which sees us look forward to a tie against Watford in the fourth round of the competition.

Chelsea (3-4-3): Prince Adegoke; Brodie Hughes, Alfie Gilchrist (c), Luke Badley-Morgan; Silko Thomas, Charlie Webster, Lewis Hall (Sam Rak-Sakyi 83), Edwin Andersson (Zain Silcott-Duberry 77); Malik Mothersille (Derrick Abu 69), Leo Castledine, Jude Soonsup-Bell.

Unused Subs: Sami Tlemcani, Ronnie Stutter, Louis Flower, Ted Curd.
Booked: Alfie Gilchrist 53
Scorers: Malik Mothersille 19, Edwin Andersson 25, Silko Thomas 37, Derrick Abu

Leyton Orient (3-4-3): Noah Phillips; Shimron Eaton, Emmanuel Kwatchey, Emmanuel Harvest, Mert Apat, Zecharia Obiero, Jephte Tanga, Antonio Clements, Reon Smith-Kouassi (Ebraima Davies 69), Daniel Nkrumah (c), Charlie Pegrum.

Unused Subs: Henry Sworder, Reggie Pegrum, Ayo Ojo, Thomas Avgoustidis, Ashley Koroma.
Scorers: Jephte Tanga 64

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