Tuchel on managing a tricky space and not judging performances by results

In recent weeks the Blues have dropped points in the Premier League despite continuing to play well, with our finishing letting us down most notably in the home draws against Burnley, Manchester United and Everton.

For Tuchel it is frustrating because he sees high output from a group of players depleted by injury and illness, but then not the outcome to match.

‘We are in a place where you don’t want to be,’ he began.

‘We have had good performances – sometimes very good – but we don’t have the results for them.

‘If you have bad performances and you don’t have the results, you just focus on the performance. You speak it out loud, get the details better, do whatever needs to be done to make the performance better and increase the possibility of a result.

‘If you had a bad performance and you get a good result, even better because you are still in the place where you can focus on the bad performance, but you win and have that atmosphere.

‘In this space where we are, it’s tricky,’ he continued.

‘We lost two points against Manchester United because we did a silly mistake. We were clearly the better team. I saw many teams struggle more against West Ham than we did, but we lose with a freak shot in the last minute. And I refuse to analyse the Everton match from the result.

‘We are getting punished for not a lot. It’s hard to accept.’

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