Mount on Tuchel’s influence on his own game and adapting to a new position

Given he is predominantly right footed, the forward also speaks of the different qualities needed to operate on the right flank.

‘Last year, I was mainly on the left. I became very used to cutting inside on my right last season. Now there is maybe more focus on crossing and going down the line to cut balls back.’

Mason’s relationship with fellow Cobham graduate Reece James has been a key feature for the Blues this campaign, with James Chelsea’s top assister this season with six, two ahead of Mount.

‘He has been playing brilliantly,’ Mason says of Reece. ‘I know how he plays and I know how he likes to combine with someone.

‘It is us on the right trying to create chances and work off each other. When he moves inside, I go on the outside, when I move inside, he stays wide. It is all about getting the best from each other,’ Mount adds.

The no.19’s goals this season have shown how versatile he can be. Right-footed strikes against West Ham and Everton in December both showcased his ability to peel off the left-back and find space to take aim, while his most recent strike against Leeds United at the Bridge was on his left foot, after directly attacking the box from the right.

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