Petr Cech column: Counting the cup finals and my verdict on VAR

This is what creates the debate and if you put 10 people in a room, you might have five saying it’s a foul and five saying it’s not, and the referee on the pitch could be from one of those groups and the VAR guy from the other. So we have to accept that sometimes we disagree.

They still get more decisions right than wrong and as a player, I’d rather lose a game knowing that someone in front of the monitor making the decisions had some time to think about it, even if you end up on the wrong side of it.

With the initial decision to award a penalty for the tackle made by Kepa last night, what we need to take into consideration is the angle from which the referee sees the incident on the pitch. From where I was sitting I just couldn’t believe the whistle went.

It was such a clear situation I was surprised but this is exactly the moment when you realise how hard it is for the referee to get everything right, because things are happening so quickly, he maybe had a player in front of him or had an angle where he couldn’t properly see.

And this is why VAR is important because without that, Tottenham would have had two penalties incorrectly and then the story of game could have been completely different.

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