‘She is a legend’, ‘He was born for Chelsea’ – Tuchel and Hayes heap praise on one another

Tuchel was only happy to return the compliment when asked about Hayes’s body of work in the past decade.

‘It speaks for itself,’ he said.

‘She is already a legend here, and I’m trying hard to keep up and to stay as long as she does, and to catch as many titles, because no matter what she does, in the end, she turns out to be on top of whichever competition; she has what it takes.

‘We met very early on in the building and since then it’s always nice to meet her, it’s always nice to chat. It’s not so easy because of the different bubbles in which we are in, so we can’t have as many meetings as maybe we would like to have, to exchange ideas. Her work is extraordinary, and she’s a brilliant coach, and this is well-deserved.

‘We know how hard they work, how good they are, and it’s one club, so we are super happy for them.’

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