Stamford Bridge hosts AMOS Sports Business challenge finale

To add to the intensity of the day at Stamford Bridge, some groups were told they would be presenting and some were not informed, this technique was used to see how students reacted to being put on the spot and present at short notice. The contrast in preparation did not affect the quality of the presentations, which were all a high-standard, much to the delight of the panellists.

The winners of challenge one, two and three were all rewarded with a VIP tour of Stamford Bridge.

Guillaume Denis, corporate relations officer & AMOS lab coordinator, said: ‘Working hand-in-hand with the Foundation in the making of this project has been a real pleasure from my end.

‘Chelsea FC are at the forefront when it comes to helping its community, and this closely relates to the AMOS values: sustainability, diversity and inclusion. Being able to offer the students the opportunity to work and present their ideas to Chelsea FC on inclusion and diversity topics was very special.’

Gabriel De Sousa, student on one of the winning teams, added: ‘It felt incredible because to have such an opportunity with a club as huge as Chelsea and have a chance to show yourself and your ideas in front of these people, it’s just perfect.

‘It’s a unique experience and for the rest of our studies it’s important to have experiences like that because it makes you stand out from other people.’

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