Matchday Live guest Leboeuf looks ahead to Lille, talks Kante and Thiago, and recalls his Champions League campaign

‘What I’ve been through with Chelsea is absolutely fantastic and I will never feel it again. Every time I go back to Stamford Bridge it makes me pleased but the same time it hurts me because it’s the past and I’m getting older and some people don’t even recognise me, but that’s part of our lives and we have to accept that.

‘Of course Chelsea is my club and I am sad when I have to criticise them when they are not playing well and I am working for ESPN. I have to say the truth but in my mind I want them to be successful and when they don’t do well it breaks my heart. My blood is not red, it is blue.’

What is for certain is that when the Champions League theme strikes up tonight, memories of Chelsea’s first campaign in the competition in 1999/00 will hit Leboeuf. After some momentous results along the way, he and his team-mates ran Barcelona close before exiting at the quarter-finals.

‘It was fantastic and I think we had the chance to win the competition if we did not make a mistake late in normal time against Barcelona. We had the team for that, we finished third in the Premier League and we lost only three league games during that season.

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