FA Youth Cup report: Chelsea 3 Blackpool 2

Chelsea (4-2-3-1): Prince Adegoke; Derrick Abu, Luke Badley-Morgan, Brodie Hughes, Dylan Williams; Lewis Hall, Charlie Webster; Silko Thomas (Leo Castledine 90+5), Ronnie Stutter (Jimi Tauriainen 73), Harvey Vale; Malik Mothersille (Tudor Mendel-Idowu 90).

Unused Subs: Ted Curd, Josh Tobin, Zain Silcott-Duberry.
Scorers: Harvey Vale 14; Malik Mothersille 42; Charlie Webster 72.

Blackpool (4-4-2): Alan Machlachlan; Jack Moore, Tyler Hill (James Harrison 88), Tayt Trusty,Will Squires, Michael Fitzgerald (c) (Johnson Opawole 72), Darren Francis (Prince Yelegan 80), Luke Mariette, Jake Daniels, Arnold Matshazi, Joe Strawn.

Unused Subs: Archie Cunningham, Johnny Johnston, Kwaku Donkor, Luke Byron.
Scorers: Jake Daniels 6; Luke Badley Morgan 59 (OG).
Booked: Jack Moore 62; Tyler Hill 88.
Red Card: Jack Moore 90+4.

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