David Luiz bites back at Neville's 'Playstation' jibe: He lacked respect… he's still learning

The former Chelsea defender insists he holds no grudge against the England coach and indicated that the departure from the Blues was his decision

Paris Saint-Germain defender David Luiz has suggested that former Manchester United full-back Gary Neville lacked respect when likening the Brazil international to a 10-year-old on a PlayStation.

The former Chelsea player formed part of Laurent Blanc’s 2014/15 Ligue 1 winning side, after leaving Stamford Bridge following the 2014 World Cup.

But Luiz, who was singled out for criticism following Brazil’s 7-1 defeat to Germany in the World Cup semi-final, indicated that though Neville’s comments were wrong, he does not hold a grudge.

“I think that respect is imperative,” Luiz told Bleacher Report.

“I’m not saying that people have to like me or that nobody can criticise me. Do it with reason and balance, though, with responsibility. Not lacking respect.

“You can criticise someone, say they didn’t play well. That’s fine. When Gary Neville talked about me being like something out of a video game, that’s the sort of thing that lacks respect, especially because he was a player.

“But I reacted in a positive way because I know that he’s learning, and he’s growing into a new profession. I think he realised that he’d made a mistake, and he spoke well of me later on. These things happen.”

The 28-year-old also commented on his departure from Chelsea and his relationship with manager Jose Mourinho during and after the 2014 World Cup, with the defender insisting that the move to PSG was his choice.

“I’d had four happy years at Chelsea, and they offered me a new contract, but I preferred to go. It was my decision,” Luiz added.

“When I left [the Chelsea squad at the end of the 2013/14 season], I was with Brazil, and I didn’t really have any contact with [Mourinho].

“I was in Brazil on holiday first, then preparing for the World Cup. Everything was presented to me, I accepted, and he sent me a little message saying ‘good luck.’

“Afterwards, I went straight to Paris. I didn’t go back to London.”

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