Tuchel: The challenge is to be ourselves

‘Playing your role 100 per cent reliably, this is commitment. Can the defensive guys rely on midfielders? Can the midfielders rely on the strikers? This is the huge effort that we put into the games, physically, and into defending.

‘Then the next thing is courage. We play very brave, we defend up front. Never forget, sometimes it is the best defence to have the ball, so it comes also down to quality of ball possession, quality of counter-pressing. For good counter-pressing you need to be brave high up the pitch, you need to position yourselves very disciplined to not allow counter-attacks.

‘It is also about commitment to block shots and to really have the mentality to not allow shots on goal. Then we have good goalkeepers.

‘We are very happy with the number of chances we concede because we produce these numbers regularly and the clean sheets feel well-deserved. It’s like attacking, it’s a team effort and it will always stay like this in football, which is the good thing about it, and we are ready to try for another clean sheet tomorrow.’


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